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Fruity Loops, Next Best Thing Besides Internet...(and Zelda!)

2009-05-13 05:44:06 by perfectmidnight

You know how some things deserve a 10/10? Like everyone knows how and why Zelda; Ocorana of Time (however the fuck you spell it) Was the first game to ever get a full 10/10. It fucking deserved it, everyone's played it, and no one who has played can say it sucked, that's how fucking good the game is.

Well, for me, Fruity Loops: Studio 8 is the next best thing (3rd, 1st Internet, 2nd Zelda). I can completely uniqeitize my music with Fruity Loops: Studio 8, it has so many features.

I used to get onto Newgrounds and listen to all the good Audio Submissions, and always ask "What program do you use?", which never came with a legit answer. Fruity Loops shines light on all my unanswered questions, and much more. It has so many plugins I can use to make my music better than perfect.

Once I found Fruity Loops and started on first and second song, a couple friends of mine said to post it on Newgrounds. Right now I'm currently waiting for my first two submissions to be accepted by the moderators, and I can't wait to share my music with the rest of the Newgrounds Listening Community!


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2009-05-13 05:48:19

hell yeah
fruit loops
fruit loops

(Updated ) perfectmidnight responds:

Fruit Loops are epic too :D
I like cereal