So after a while of being silent on Newgrounds, I've decided to jump back in! I searched a while for some of the music that I knew I've uploaded, and I found my account again pretty quickly. So uploads are going to come. :)

Thanks for all the views, reviews, help, slander and critique while I've been gone, it all actually helps out a bunch! :D

Wow, I found this Newgrounds account again :D

Percussion Testing.

2009-06-21 03:00:06 by perfectmidnight

Most of my latest submissions will consist of drum and percussion testing, so some might sound good, and some might suck. I'm trying to make OST for my testing for now instead of making my own songs at the moment and screwing them over with drums.

Feedback and reviews would be helpful as well as suggestions for songs and better drums, as well as suggestions for better game OST and such. Thanks for the input guys.


Hey everyone, now that Newgrounds has accepted my submissions, I'll be working on harder and better projects than the ones I currently are sharing. Right now I have only Loops and short beats, but there will be more.

Also, I will be working on my current beats, and will try and make them into full fledged songs. (Except for Ionized Stardust, personally I think it's already bad ass.)

I'll mainly be submitting techno, but I'm also going to submit some songs I've written on the guitar, and some piano songs. Currently (besides techno) I'm self teaching myself on the Piano and the Guitar. Most of the guitar music will be serenades and love songs, and the piano music I'm trying to make as classical sounding as possible.

I have all summer and the rest of the school work to submit more music, thanks for the support you guys. I can't wait to see you're reviews on my music, good or bad, just legit (not immature, please :D).

Submissions; They Shalt Be "Cranked Out"

For The Time Being...

2009-05-14 01:18:45 by perfectmidnight

Well, since the admins in charge of the Audio Portal Submissions are taking their sweet time (no offense guys, I know you got hard jobs to do :D) I have my music I've been making in Fruity Loops: Studio 8 on my Myspace Bandspace page, which I'll put in link on the bottom.

Fruity Loops, Next Best Thing Besides Internet...(and Zelda!)

2009-05-13 05:44:06 by perfectmidnight

You know how some things deserve a 10/10? Like everyone knows how and why Zelda; Ocorana of Time (however the fuck you spell it) Was the first game to ever get a full 10/10. It fucking deserved it, everyone's played it, and no one who has played can say it sucked, that's how fucking good the game is.

Well, for me, Fruity Loops: Studio 8 is the next best thing (3rd, 1st Internet, 2nd Zelda). I can completely uniqeitize my music with Fruity Loops: Studio 8, it has so many features.

I used to get onto Newgrounds and listen to all the good Audio Submissions, and always ask "What program do you use?", which never came with a legit answer. Fruity Loops shines light on all my unanswered questions, and much more. It has so many plugins I can use to make my music better than perfect.

Once I found Fruity Loops and started on first and second song, a couple friends of mine said to post it on Newgrounds. Right now I'm currently waiting for my first two submissions to be accepted by the moderators, and I can't wait to share my music with the rest of the Newgrounds Listening Community!